This Integrating Technology eBook was designed & developed for
Ms. Sechrist's Math 2 Class
Locust Grove High School

Georgia Performance Standards Math 2

MM2G1. Students will identify and use special right triangles.
a. Determine the lengths of sides of 30°-60°-90° triangles.
b. Determine the lengths of sides of 45°-45°-90° triangles.
MM2G2. Students will define and apply sine, cosine, and tangent ratios to right triangles.
a. Discover the relationship of the trigonometric ratios for similar triangles.
b. Explain the relationship between the trigonometric ratios of complementary angles.
c. Solve application problems using the trigonometric ratios.

PLO:  Students will be able to identify, label, and use trigonometry to solve for missing measurents of  right triangles.

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