Digging Dinosaurs
This TopicQuest was designed for a wonderful son and niece
By: Brent Lewis, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Do you know what the first living creatures were? They were the dinosaurs. Dinosuars are now extinct, or dead. Do you know how they became extinct? Are there any living relatives of the dinosaur in the world today?

Learn more about dinosaurs and how they became extinct at this site telling all about dinosaurs.

Find out how we know what dinosaurs looked like and how we know they were here.

This is a site made by a kid for kids. Jason's Dinosaur Site is full of fun facts!

Do you know what the name, dinosaur,  means? Do you want to know? Also, find out how dinosaurs, like Tyranosaurus Rex, and others get their names her at Dino Fun Facts.

Hear dinosaurs talk about themselves. Yes, just click on the name of the dinosaur you want to hear all about and they will talk about themselves at Dino Dictionary!

The dinosaurs lived in the Mesozoic Era. Find out all about this time on the earth in this article written in the All Reference Encyclopedia.

Scenario Mission :
You are a famous paleontologist, or dinosaur expert. You have been asked to speak at a conference to explain all you know about dinosaurs. The people you are speaking to at the conference are depending on you to tell them when dinosaurs lived, how they became extinct, and anything else you know about dinosaurs. To help you along the way in gaining dinosaur information is
Dino Fun Facts  and other great sites on the Internet. Learn all you can! You will need it.

Mission Steps
1. Go to the site called Dino Fun Facts

2. Try to learn everything you can about dinosaurs.

3. Through Dino Fun Facts you will get all the information you  need to know. Write when they lived, what the word dinosaur means, and the brain size of most dinosaurs.  Write the information down or tell it to your teacher.

4. At the end of your research, draw a picture of a dinosaur and give it to your teacher to publish on the Internet.

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