Where can you find MAGNETS?

MAGNET--a rock that pulls iron toward it

Magnets can be found . . .

on your refrigerator. You can attach things to your refrigerator with magnets.


in a junkyard. A large magnet picks-up cars and scrap metals at a junkyard.


in some electronics such as computers, televisions, and radios.

in a compass. A compass helps explorers find out where they are. The magnet helps the compass point to the North Pole.


Can you think of other useful ways to use magnets?

What objects do magnets ATTRACT?

ATTRACT--to pull toward something

Magnets are attracted to many different things. Click on the link below to find out some things magnets can stick to.

When a magnet "sticks" to something this is called ATTRACTION. The magnet is attracted to the object so it seems to "stick" to the object.

Now, take your very own magnet and find things your magnet attracts!

How does a magnet REACT to another magnet?

REPEL--to push away from something

Magnets also react to other magnets. Magnets have two poles, just like the Earth, North and South.


Use the website below or real magnets to see how a magnet will react to another magnet. Make sure to flip the magnet!

When the
opposite poles (North to South) are facing the magnets attract each other.

When the same poles (North to North) (South to South) are facing the magnets repel each other.


What can MAGNETIC FORCE pull through?

MAGNETIC FORCE--the force that a magnet uses to pull iron toward it

Magnetic force can pass through almost everything as long as the magnet is strong enough. Perform an experiment using magnets and other materials to see what magnets can pull through in your classroom.

We found magnetic force can pull through . . .

a piece of paper.

if it is strong enough your hand.

a small piece of cardboard.

and even water!

Can you think of other things a magnet could pull through?

Your challenge!

Your challenge is to create a game using magnets. You have already learned about objects magnets attract, how magnets react to each other, and what magnetic force can pull through. Below is an example of a game using magnets.

**You may remember this picture from above. These girls made a magnet spaceship game by using their knowledge of how magnetic force can pull through a piece of cardboard. They also remembered that a magnet can be attracted to a paperclip attached to the spaceship.**

Now make your own game using magnets!