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Valdosta GA, 31601

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June 28, 2005


Mr. John Doe

President Phi Kappa Gamma

100 University Blvd.

Valdosta, GA 31602


Dear John Doe, President Phi Kappa Gamma:


Do you realize how much money you waste going out to the local pub every night?  The average college student spends over $200 dollars a month on alcohol in bars and restaurants.  Forget the three-dollar beers and the five-dollar shots. Keep that tip in your pocket where it belongs!  At Warehouse Package, we are offering VSU student discounts that can save you up to $150 dollars a month. (Valid ID required)


Warehouse Package is the largest liquor store in Valdosta.  We buy in bulk so we can pass the savings on to you.   Buying alcohol from Warehouse Package is only a fraction of the cost of going out to the bars, and you get three times as much!  With our helpful and friendly staff, we can assist you in any alcoholic purchase.  That includes kegs, mixers, wine, liquor, and beer.  Also, if you buy more than you can carry, we will carry it out and load it in your vehicle for you.


At Warehouse Package, we are your party headquarters.  We cater to fraternity/sorority parties, graduation parties, and social events of all kinds.  You can pick up as many as 50 cases of beer with absolutely no notice.  If you need more than that, we can order it for you. We will get it usually by the next day.  No other package store in the city can make that claim.


Come into Warehouse Package Store and try it out for yourself.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our friendly and informative staff, everyday low prices, and student discounts.  Once you experience it, we know we will have a customer and a friend for life.


Thank you,



Craig Lanier

District Manager


1501 N. Ashley St. Valdosta, GA  31601 (229) 242-6105 Email: warehouse@package.com