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Language Experience Lesson
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Ten Favorite Websites

1.  This sites for all the science wizzes.  It's fun and easy to use.
2.  This is Science for Kids.  It includes games and valuable information.

Language Arts

3.  This site is all about vocabulary, complete with games & puzzles.
4.  This site is called primary games.  It includes puzzels & games designed by a teacher.


5.  This site is for all you wizzkids out there.  It's a great math site.
6.  Designed for kids and their families, this site is all about using math.

Social Studies

7.  This site is all about the the news and history.
8.  Archaeology is fun and exciting on this web site for kids.

Art & Music

9.   This site is all about music for kids.  Students can listen to all their favoirites.
10.  This is a site where kids can color a variety of pictures using the computer/


Darien & Toni's Picks:

#1 Pick:  This is the Nickelodeon website.  It's fun and full of things to do.
#2 Pick:  The site is full of good clean jokes.  They really made the students laugh.

Language Experience Lesson

Grade Level QCC's K-1
Listening and Speaking

     Listens and speaks in informal conversations with  peers and adults.
     Listens to a variety of literary forms, including stories and poems.


     Experiences traditional and+contemporary literature through a variety of media.
     Responds to literal, inferential, and evaluative questions about literature

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
This book is about a mouse that goes to visit a boy who is eating cookies.  After recieving a cookie himself, the mouse begins to want other things.  He wants milk, a straw, sissors to cut his hair, a broom to clean the house, and so on.  He even decides he wants to draw a picture and tape it to the refridgerator.  The mouse seems to get into everything he possibily can.  Then, towards the end of the story the mouse is looking at the fridge and is reminded of something important.  What do you think that the mouse is reminded of?

Science, Math, & Social Studies Lesson

 Grade 4 Social Studies   Strand: Geography
   5.  Topic: Regions
   Standard: Identifies and describes different types of regions found within the United States (and around the
   world) that can be categorized according to climatic, physical, political, cultural and economic.

   Grade 4 Science
   31.  Topic: Earth Processes: Weather and Climate
   Standard:  Differentiates between weather and climate and identifies Earth's climate zone

   Grade 4 Math
   25  Topic: Algebra
   Standard: Collects, reads, interprets, and compares data from charts, tables, and graphs
   (pictographs, bar graphs, and circle graphs) using a variety of scales and estimation. Graph with  description of what is
   shown on the graph

This graph compares the  temperatures of Versailles, France and Versailles, NY in degrees Fahrenheit,for the period
                                     of three days during the month of February.

You have probablly noticed that both of the citied in the above graph have the same name, Versailles.  One city is located in Europe in the country of France.  The other Versailles in located right here in the United States in the State of New York.  Study the chart carefully and answer the questions provided below.

1)  Was it warmer in Versailles, France or Versailles, NY on Friday?                                    .
2)  What was the low temperature in Versailles, Ny on Sunday?                                         .
3)  What was the high temperature in Versailles, France on Saturday?                                  .
4)  Was it colder in Versailles, France or Versailles, NY on Sunday?                                    .

Versailles, France
The back
Country:  France
Continent:  Europe
Language Spoken:  French
Currency used: Franc
Versailles, New York
Doppler Radar 600 Mile
Country:  United States
Continent:  N. America
Language Spoken:  English
Currency used:  Dollar

1)  What language would you have to speak to talk to someone that lives in Versailles, France?                    .
2)  What continent would you be in if you were visiting Versailles, NY?                                              .

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