Fantastic Fall Fun!!

This page was designed for Mrs. Bennett's Kindergarten class at Memorial Drive Elementary School in Waycross, Ga. by Connie Taylor, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

1. This site has fun games to play! Try your luck catching the leaves! With this game you catch the falling leaves in your basket and watch them add up on the side of the page, a great way to learn about math!

2. Why do leaves change their color in the fall? Why do leaves fall? Can you identify trees by their leaves? Check out this web site for information about leaves.

3. Squirrels are interesting animals. They are associated with fall. This web site can answer all your questions about this unique animal.

4. What are some fun fall crafts we can make? There are many fun projects to make. Check out this web site for creative craft ideas.

5. Where do pumpkins come from? From a Pumpkin Farm of course! This web site can take there. This farm also has other foods we harvest in fall.

6. How do you carve a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern? What are some other things you can do with pumpkins? Check out this web site for creative ideas.

7. Want some fun things to do for Halloween? Check out this site for safety tips and other ideas. You are sure to be pleased!

8. What was life like for the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims  at Plymouth Rock? This site has information about early settlers and the first Thanksgiving.

9.  Want to have fun doing puzzles and games about Thanksgiving? This site has plenty to keep  you busy. Can you find the turkey in the straw?

10. Want to read a great story for Thanksgiving? Want to learn a new song or a new poem? Visit this site to enjoy the sounds of Thanksgiving.

"Time Traveler Visits the First Thanksgiving"
Scenario Activity

You have been given a free ticket to travel in a time capsule. The ride will take you back to  the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock. Your free ticket comes with a catch. You must bring back to the present an example of the foods the Pilgrims served on the first Thanksgiving. In order to come back to the present, you must present a picture of the Pilgrim's feast to the ticket counter to return home. Are you up ready to take a trip? Visit this web site about Pilgrims to discover the mystery foods. 
Enjoy your trip! 
For more information, see my Topic Lesson Plan

This is a picture created by Brittany about the foods served at the first Thanksgiving. She drew a brown turkey and a fish. She also has an ear of corn, complete with kernels.  The green circle is a cucumber and Brittany told me that pickles come from cucumbers. She also has a pumpkin.

This is a  another picture drawn by a kindergartner about the foods served at the First Thanksgiving. Martina drew grapes, a yellow squash, and a pumpkin. She drew a turkey leg and also a small picture of a turkey. She drew the leg because that's her favorite part of the turkey.


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