First Homerun
Paint Picture & Story Designed by Christopher Alexander

baseball player

On a warm night in Atlanta, GA, there were many things going on. There were movies being seen, musicals being played, news being reported, and the Atlanta Braves were playing a game. The game started in fantastic fashion with the Atlanta Braves starting pitcher striking out the first three batters he faced. In the bottom of that inning, a 20-year-old rookie was getting ready to take his first at-bat in the big leagues.

Zachary Elijah Alexander had always dreamed of playing baseball for the Atlanta Braves. He started playing baseball as soon as he could hold a baseball. He played T-ball, little league ball, Middle School Baseball, and High School Baseball. Then he had a choice to make. Major League Baseball teams draft players out of high school and college. Some teams prefer high school players over college players, and some teams prefer college players over high school players. Zachary knew how important a college education was, but the team that drafted him to play Major League Baseball was his favorite team, the Atlanta Braves.

Zachary decided to go to college. He took classes that went along with his baseball playing abilities which were classes to become a highschool baseball coach. He also played for the Georgia Bulldogs baseball team while he took his classes. Zachary completed his degree before re-entering the Major League Baseball draft. The chances of being drafted by the Atlanta Braves, his favorite team, were slim to none. Zachary knew that by going to college he may have messed up his opportunity to play for the Braves. However, someone from above was looking out for Zachary and the Atlanta Braves chose him as their number one draft choice.
"STRIKE 3!!! You're Out," screamed the umpire.

The leadoff batter had struck out, and it was now time for Zachary's first at-bat at the major league level. He took a deep breath and started walking toward the plate. The crowd was shouting and screaming, hooping and hollering, because they knew how good this guy was supposed to be. He was the promised "next best thing" in Atlanta, and the fans expected Zachary to produce immediately. Zachary stepped into the batter's box, got into his batting stance, and stared at the pitcher. "Strike one!"  The pitchers in the majors threw harder than any other pitcher Zachary had ever seen. "Ball, outside." Zachary was relieved that the pitch was a ball. He didn't even see it! The next pitch went right down the heart of the plate, "Strike TWO!!" Zachary shook his head in amazement, then stared back at the pitcher with the determintation that had gotten him to the majors after just one year spent in the minors. Here it comes. It's bending like a curveball. Sit back. Wait for it. BOOM!!!

Zachary hit the ball. He hit it out of the park. For the first time in his life, he felt like there was nothing he couldn't do. The bat fell out of Zachary's hands onto the ground. Zachary started to jog to first base, made the turn to head towards second base, trotted around second on his way to third, and as he stepped on third base he looked straight ahead and saw his father standing up in the stands, clapping his hands and smiling. Zachary stepped on home plate. He had hit his first homerun in the majors, but certainly not his last.

Answer the following questions to change my story to your story. You be the author.
1. What would you change about the main character?
2. Where would your story take place? What team would your character play for?
3. What things would your main character go through? What decisions might he/she make?
4. Create a new ending for your story. How does your story end?

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