All About Farm Animals
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Spradley's
 Kindergarten Class at Northside Primary School
By Carolyn Powell, a Valdosta State University
Preservice Teacher.


Calling all animal lovers come on in!  You are entering a place filled with adventures.  The farm animals go about their day using their senses to discover the world.  They have feelings and emotions.  They need love and care and are dependent on you just like you dependent on your parents for love and care.  Caring for farm animals is a big responsibility!!!


Cows live on a farm and we need cows for many different reasons.  Cows provide us with milk, beef and many other products.  If you want to know more about cows step into the wonderful world of cows

Horses are big and strong they are related to the zebra family.  A long time ago horses use to run wild and free, now they are used for many different things.  Some horses are use for transportation and others are use for work.   Just click  here to learn more about horses.

Goats are mammals they like to eat all sorts of things.  For more fun pictures and facts about goats.

Some people have pigs as pets.  This is a great place to learn all about pigs.

Did you know tapestries for walls, carpets, and blankets are all made out of sheep's wool look inside to find more interesting fact about sheep.

Check out chickens, find lots of pictures and fun fact about our fowl friends.

Mission Activity

Pretend that you are a farmer and decide what you would like to have on your farm?  We will look at some farm animals.  We will see what these animals do on a farm.  You will pick 3 animals you want to live on your farm.  You will draw a picture of the 3 animals you picked.

Mission Steps

1. Name some of the animals that you would like to live on your farm.

2.  Draw three animals you like best.

3.  Name the animals you drew.

4.  Take your drawing home and share it with your family.

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