Curiouse George Goes To School
Author:  MARGRET and H.A. REY'S
Paint Picture and Story design by:  Carolyn Powell

It was open house at George's school, a man with a yellow hat went with him.  While the man went to speak with George teacher he told George to wait in the hallway and not to get into any trouble.  George was standing in front of the Art room door.  He opened the door to look in there he saw Mr. Williams, the art teacher.  George looked around the room and noticed that the walls was filled with paintings.  George noticed there was a chart with children names each child had a star by their name except for one because it was lost behind Mr. Williams desk.  The room got hot and George went to turn on a fan all the pictures blow off the wall. 

Critical Thinking Question

If you were the author, how would you write the ending to this story?

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