Come and Explore Our
Wonderful Solar System

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hasting's Kindergarten Class at S. L. Mason Elementary School By Chandra Baker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Have you ever imagine what the Solar System looks like? Or what it would be like to visit? Imagine what neat and fun things you may see. If you were given the opportunity to visit would you even know what items to take?


Have you ever dreamed what it would actually be like to explore the Solar System? Check out this website for young astronomers!
Do you know how to make that solar system dream come true?                                                                   12
Imagine what all of the planets would look like? Do you know which planets have rings around them? To find out click here!
earth Did you know that some people have been to space and back? Find out what neat things they found.
sat Do you actually know what they find out there in space? This website will fill you in on what lies in our Solar System.

Kids need help with learning more about astronomy?
Kids this link allows you to pick your favorite games to help you learn more about the planets.
Have you ever seen the planets in 3D? Check out this fascinating yet accurate site.
Do you know anything about our planet? Can you imagine not living on the planet, Earth?
To learn more about our the Solar System explore here. The follow your guidelines for your adventure click here!


   Imagine that you are an astronomer getting ready to take your first trip into space. Think about what you will see. Look at the pictures provided on the links for information on the solar system. From the mission link chose one planet, write 2 facts and make a drawing of the planet for our web page.

click here for the adventure.
Have a Good Trip!!!!!!

1. Explore with your teacher Come and Explore Our Wonderful Solar System for information about you trip and what you should see in the solar system.

2. Choose one of the planets in the solar system then write or describe to your teacher 2 things you learned about this  planet. Also, draw a picture of your chosen planet.