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Hello! My name is Chandra Baker, I am a 20 year old junior here at Valdosta State University.   I was born and raised in a small town in the southeast part of Georgia known as Hinesville, which is ne
ar Savannah. I am a 2001 graduate from Liberty County High School, which is also in Hinesville. I have three brothers and one sister Genese, who is a senior at Albany State University


I am following in  the footsteps  of my parents and their continued sucess in excellence, by majoring in Early Childhood Education.  Fall 2005 is the year I will complete my studies here at Valdosta State.  I enjoy several things such as shopping, playing sports, and volunteer service with the many organizations I am involved with. I have not visited many places outside of Georgia but to name a few:  California, Chicago, Maryland, and Florida. In my spare time I enjoy watching games on T.V. especially my favorite team, Atlanta Braves.


I chose a career in education for many reasons. One of the reasons I was drawn into the education field was my love for children. At a young age I was fasinated with working in the church nursery and helping the adults at church. I believe for a while I was so stuck on becoming  a teacher like my parents just because I thought it was the best job in the world.  I entered in my freshmen year of college as a nursing major mainly because I wanted to make money. After joining Big Brother, Big Sister Organization and working with my buddy my mind quickly altered towards education.


Several people have contributed to my decision to pursue a degree in education. As I mentioned above both of my parents are educators and they both strive to give their best. In my opinion they have mastered their profession. Another person that has played a key role in not only my decision but also my life is my 7th grade Composition and Literature teacher, Ms. Patricia Scott. To me Ms. Scott is a combination of what every teacher should be or should want to be. Her teaching styles contain: professionalism and passion along with lessons you need for everyday life. I can only hope that one day I will provide that same hope and inspiration to my students as Ms. Scott and my parents have for me.



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