Tazmania's Terrific 

   This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Force's Pre-K Class at the
            Valdosta Community Day Care Center by
 CoSandra Haynes,
 a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.     

"We, Fight  Fire!"

Fire, Fire! Your pants are on fire!
What would you do if your pants were really on fire?  If your house caught on fire and you were trapped inside, how would you escape? This site provides helpful safety tips for
children and

Get ready to have a rolling good time with fire safety!!

       Visit these educational websites to learn more about fire safety! fire border
Pdamation workingicture If you want to learn more about firetrucks, or want to want to take the fire drill challenge visit  Sparky the Fire Dog Website.

fire extinguisher
Do you know how many fires are started by children each year? Visit the USFA's Kid Page for the answer.

In the case of an emergency, do you know how call 911? Your friendly fire pal  show you how. Practice dialing 911 with you friendly fire pal. Remember you only call 911 when there is an emergency, like a fire, or if someone is hurt or seriously ill and needs medical attention.

house burningDo
What do you do if your house catches on fire? The Kidsafe website teaches children what to do if  they are awake
and notice a fire, or if they are awaken by a fire.

smoke detector
Every house should be equipped with smoke detectorsSmoke dectors help families survive alive. Recharge your memory on fire safety by reviewing the home fire safety checklist on this site.

stop drop and roll
If your clothes are on fire, what should you do? Captain Kidde knows the answer! Practice how to stop, drop, and roll with Captain Kidde on his website.

Learning fire safety will be fun with Elmo's Fire Safety Game. Have fun dressing Elmo like a firefighter on this site. If you would like information on fire- fighting apparatus, please use visit this online encyclopedia.

  1. fireman

Matches and lighters and lighters can make fire really fast, but they are not toys. What should you do if you find matches or lighters? The website Fire Avengers provides fire safety tips on how to be "cool" and stay away from matches and lighters. Become a Fire Avenger, today!

smokey bear
If you are camping and decide to build a campfire, how would you put the fire out? Smokey Bear has the answers, and he can not wait to tell you! Enjoy playing the put out the fire game on this website.

fire truck and house
Do you have an home escape plan to use in case of a fire or other emergencies. Play the great escape game and help fire lobster stay alive in the case of a fire.

fire ball

Scenario Mission
Roll, Roll, Roll

"Happy Birthday to you!" "Happy Birthday to you!" "Happy Birthday, dear (student's name)!" Happy Birthday to you!" You have finally reached your  fifth birthday, and everyone has just sang, "Happy Birthday to you!" You lean over the candles on your  cake to blow out your five candles, and your shirt catches on fire! Do you remember what to you do? To prevent the fire from spreading and to reduce the risk of a severe burn, you need to perform the stop, drop, and roll procedure. And to prove that you are a fire safety expert, take the fire safety quiz on the fire pal website and you will  receive a Life Safety Award. And now that you have survived your first birthday, get ready for kindergarten by constructing a fire escape plan for your bedroom.

  • Mission Steps
    1. Go to the Kidde Safe website and review the stop, drop, and roll procedure.
    2. Have a student demonstrate the stop, drop, and roll procedure.
    3. Take the quiz on fire safety on the fire pal website.
    4. Print Life Safety Awards.
    5. Have the student draw a picture on their bedroom.
    6. Discuss alternative routes out of their bedrooms if their doors are hot.
    7. Ask  the students to edit their bedroom pictures by drawing  escape plans that do not include going out of their bedroom doors. The website fire pal can help the student make escape plans.
    8. Review pictures with students and place them on this web page.

Lesson Plan for Teachers

fire border

taz mail

taz in a heart of fire

taz and computer