Listen Buddy
Helen Lester
Painted Picture and Story Designed
 CoSandra Haynes


Guys and Galls, go ahead and put your listening ears on; it is storytime.The book, Listen Buddy, features a little brown rabbit named Buddy who is  having problems listening to instructions. Buddy is a nice little bunny and has wonderful parents. Buddy's dad has a big nose and can sniff really well. Buddy's mom has great big teeth and she loves to chop things. Buddy has big giant ears which are great for listening, but he seldom uses them.
bunny moving his head
bunny moving his head                                     bunny moving his head
Big ears, big ears, who needs them? Buddy surely does not think he needs his big floppy ears.When his mother asks him for a slice of bread, he brings her a slice of his bed. When Buddy is asked by his father to bring him a pen, Buddy brings him a hen. His parents try yelling, "Listen Buddy!"
His parents also try whispering, "Listen Buddy."  Buddy ignores his parents requests for him to listen and tunes into his own "bunny world."

  bunny running                             bunny running                    bunny running
One day Buddy is gets an chance to take a long hop, and is given specific instructions by his parents to turn left at the end of the  two paths. The path to the left leads around a pond and back home, but the path to the right leads to the cave of grumpy Scuffy Varmit. Unfortunately, again Buddy does not use his listening ears. Buddy turns right and is almost cooked for Scuffy Varmitt's dinner! Buddy finally listens to Scuffy Varmitt's threat to make soup out of him and hops faster than ever before toward home! And later when Buddy is asked to get a pen or a slice of bread for his parents he listens. This book illustrates a listening lesson that is well learned by bunny Buddy.

bunny leaving

bunny email

two animated bunnies
bunny jumping
art bunny
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