spiderInsects are All Around Usspider
By Christi N. Waller
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Nalley's Kindergarten class at Quitman Elementary School By Christi N. Waller, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


     Welcome to the most exciting Insect page!!!  This is the place to find out which bugs are harmful and which bugs are helpful.  Just take a look at  the links below and maybe you won't be scared of all  bugs because you know which one's can't harm you.

Are you interested in what we have in common?  Come to my web page I'll tell you about our likes and our differences.  We will start with my anatomy.
Do you want to know about butterflies?  If you do, you should come to my website.  You can learn about my anatomy, my wings, lifecyle and many more things.
Do you want to find out about my anatomy?  If you go to my website you can find out about how I can be helpful to you in your garden.
I am one type of spider, but there are many more for you to learn about.  One side of my family is full of web weavers the other side of my family are not web weaver.  Go to my web site and find out what side of the family you like the most.
If you want a pet buy me.  I am a big seller at pet stores in austraila click on my link and find out how to make me happy if I was your pet!!!
I am a Ladybug.  If you think I am cute here wait until you go to my webpage I got all dolled up because I knew you were coming.  When you get to my page you will be surprised at how much information you will learn.

I love honey, maybe because I produce it.  If you want facts about how my family makes honey go to my web page and have a honey-of-a-good time!!!!!
I know I should not be telling you this, but if you want to know how to catch mosquitos go to my website.  I will also show you our lifecyle.
I know my fellow insects have tried to infom you about insects, but if they haven't  done a good enough job then go to an encycloedia.
Ants, Ants, Ants. . . Go to my web page and learn all about me.  If you think other insects are intersting wait until you check out infomation about me.


You have explored the websites and seen all the diffrent types of insects. Now, I want you to imagine you are an insect.You will decide what type of insect you would be, and why.  After you pick the kind of insect you want to become, draw a picture of the insect you want to become.

Mission Steps
1.  Review all ten web options with students
2.  Let students pick three websites to go to
3.  After reviewing the three websites (i.e butterflies, anatomy, ants, ants, ants) ask the students to pick one insect that they viewed that they would like to become.
4.  Have students draw a picture of that insect