The Very Busy Spider
By Eric Carle
 Page Developed By Christi Waller


    In Eric Carle's, The Very Busy Spider,  many animals tried to get the spider to join them in some activity.  The spider began her day when the sun came up. 

She landed on a near by post on the farm yard, and began to spin a web with her silky thread.  The horse asked the spider if  she would  like to go for a ride.  The spider didn't answer.  She was too busy spinning her web.  Along came a cow and he asked the spider if she would like to eat some grass.  Again the spider didn't
answer.  She was still busy spinning her web.

    Not long after a dog, cat, sheep,goat, pig, duck, and rooster came to visit the spider.  The spider ignored all of their requests and continued weaving her web.  After she finished her web she caught a fly.  Late in the night an owl stopped by and asked, "Who built this beautiful web?"  The spider didn't answer.  She had fallen asleep.  It had been a very, very busy day.
Three critical thinking questions:
1.  If the spider was awake when the owl came by what do you  think the spider would have said to the owl?

2.  If you had written the story how would you change it?
3.  Do you think the animals feelings were hurt because the spider ignored them.  Why or why not?





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