Canoeing With Native Americans
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Karla's Kindergarten Class at Berrien Primary School
By Caycee Hires, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Dancing Indian Man

Have you ever wonder what it was like to be the first people in North America?  Have you ever wonder what Native Americans lived in and how they traveled?  Do you know any famous Native Americans?  We are going to learn all about Native Americans, their way of life, and  some of the people that made their tribes famous.

                  Birch Canoe Have you ever wondered what it might be like to travel down a river in a canoe?  See how the Indians built and used their birchbark canoes in Northern New England.
          Blue Drum 
Want to know what life was like living as an Indian in the Southwest?  Use the links at the bottom of the page to see what the children's lives were like.
What kind of shelter did the Indians live in?  Did they all live in the same type of shelter?  Find out what kind of shelters each region of Indians lived in.
              Dancing Indian Girl
Do you know who Pocahontas is?  See the slideshow that tells all about Pocahontas and how she lived with the Indians and the English Settlers and eventually went to Great Britain.

          Indian Boy
Have you ever heard of a man named Sequoyah?   This site was made by students and they tell about what Sequoyah did for the Cherokee Nation.

To find out more information about Native Americans of North America, visit MSN Encarta

Mission Activity


Pretend that you are a Native American that is going to be traveling down the river to meet your fellow tribe members to hunt for some food for the winter.  You must build your canoe to make the trip.  Remember, your canoe must be sturdy enough to take you down the rough river.  To help you make your canoe, go to birchbark canoes website to see a well built canoe.

Mission Steps


1.  You are to cut out the canoe
2.  Draw Native American symbols on your canoe.
3.  Punch holes in the ends of your canoe and using yarn, weave it through the holes.
4.  Push the floor of the canoe flat so that your canoe will be able to float upright.
5.  Have fun and happy traveling!

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