The Fabulous Five Senses
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Mannings Pre-K class of Coastal Plain Headstart
Designed By Candice Grimes, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Five Senses Chart

   five senses

I know that you are probably wondering what your five senses are. So lets exlplore this site that lists all of the five senses. You will also learn what each sense is used for.


Every food that we eat has its own different taste. Lets explore this special website to see how many different tastes a food can have.

Being able to see is a wonderful gift. Let's find out what makes it possible for us to see.

 Hand paint

I know that all of you love to touch  things, so lets see what makes your sense of touch different from the rest of your senses.


All around us there are different smells. Let's explore the encyclopedia and see what the word smell means.

Mission Activity
Let's pretend that we are going to the Circus!!! While at the circus you must keep a record of everything that you see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. Once the circus is over you must come back into the classroom and draw a picture of what you liked most about the Circus, You must also place a picture of the sense that made it possible for you to experience what you liked about the Circus. For example: If you liked looking at the clowns, you would draw the clowns and an eyeball at the bottom of the page, because your sense of sight is what  made it possible for you to know that the clowns existed.
Mission Activity Steps

1) Let's visit a website to learn the history of the Circus. There is also a video link that we will click into, in order to view parts of the Circus.
2)Tell me what you learned about the Circus.
3)Discuss any information that was left out from the video, or that they did not notice.
4)Think about what you liked most about the Circus.
5)Draw a picture of what you liked about the Circus.
6)Draw a  picture of  the sense that would make it possible for you to experience what you liked about the Circus.
7)Color your picture, and put your name on the back of  the paper.
8) Let's all gather around and talk about what senses we think would be most important to take to the Circus with us.


Girl Tasting

            Five Senses