Fire Safety
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Force's preschool class
at Valdosta Community Daycare Center by Christina Stephens,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Fire Safety is something that is very important in life today. We should all know what to do when there is a fire in our house. Use these fun and educational websites to find out about firefighters and their jobs in the community!!

Just click on the links to find out everything you could ever imagine about fire safety!


Find out about Hershey and just what to do when there is a fire!!

Find out what the encyclopedia has to say about fires.

Visit Sparky and find all kinds of games and puzzles to play about fire safety

Learn your family's escape route and play all kinds of games.

Learn different safety songs about what to do when there is a fire.
Do you know what to do when you wake up and your clothes are on fire?
Where do you go when your house is on fire?

Elmo saves the day with his fire safety game.

How to escape a fire in your own house. Color pictures to help you know what to do.

Fire Safety for children with special needs

Scenario Mission

Imagine you are a fireman. You work at the fire station and you have just been called for a fire. Paint a picture of the firetruck you are going to be riding on and the fire you put out. Then show the teacher how you can stop, drop, and roll if you were the one in the fire.

Mission Steps
Step 1: Look at the website about tips for when there is a fire when you wake up.
Step 2: Using crayons and paper, color your favorite firetruck. Then draw a picture of a fireman.
Step 3: Tell a friend the steps to stop, drop, and roll and then show them how to do it.
Step 4: Show your picture to friends and tell the class something you learned about fire safety.

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