Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud
By: Lynn Plourde
Picture and Story Design By: Christina Stephens

When some lazy pigs stop in the middle of the road, they cause quite a traffic jam. The family's Model-T cannot get by to finish their trip down the road. Everyone gets out of the car to get the pigs to move on. They do everything they can to move them out of the way so they can continue on their journey.

As they are trying to scatter the animals, more animals come. The hens, sheep and bulls all gather and bring all their friends. The family is upset because they just want to get on their way. They can't move them off the road. Grandma gets out of the car. She is frustrated by this time and realizes it is up to her to get the animals to move on.

Finally after thinking about what she is going to do, Grandma yells, "time for sup!" The animals scatter off the road and all go home. Grandma is there to save the day. Finally the family can continue on their journey.


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