ABC it's easy as 123!
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Jones' kindergarten class at W. G. Nunn Elementary School by Carolyn M. Jenkins, A Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

You have been working so hard on learning your alphabet!  I am very proud of you!  The alphabet is one of the most important parts of learning. The alphabet is going to help you become what ever you want to be. Remember, that even the President of the United States was once your age and had to learn the alphabet.  I have designed a fun and exciting site where you can come and practice your alphabet!  You know that practice makes perfect! Let's go have some fun!

1. Let's go to Yellowstone National Park! You will be so excited when you see all the animals in the animal alphabet book!

2. Lets play and sing along to Alphabet Action! This site has a great deal to offer you when learning about the alphabet. Come check it out.

3. Do you know what an encyclopedia is? Click here and find out. Also find out neat facts about the orgin of the alphabet! You will learn a lot!

4. Lets meet the alphabet kids and let them help us learn the alphabet with fun ideas and activities!

  5. Color the letter and the picture with these awesome alphabet coloring pages!  They are so much fun!

6.Mrs. Alphabet is ready to help you with your alphabet!  This site gives you many games to play using the letters of the alphabet!

 7.Do you think you know your letters well? See if you do. Come to Primary Games and test your alphabet skills!

8. The gang at Sesame Street is looking forward to helping you with your alphabet! Click her for some fun with Big Bird, Elmo, and other friends at Sesame Street!

9. I can dig my way to the alphabet! Can you? Lets see if you know what types of dinosaurs begin with different letters of the alphabet. It is so much fun!

10. Are you looking for some great soup? Alphabet Soup will have you busy playing for hours. This site is so appetizing!

Scenario Mission
        You have done a fantastic job at all of these fun websites! You should be really prepared for your next mission! Let's pretend that you are a teacher, just like me, and a new student comes to your classroom. The student is from Spain, which is another country, and the new student speaks the Spanish language. Since you are the teacher it is important for you to understand about the country that your new student is from so that you can better explain the alphabet to him or her. You decide that the first thing that you are going to do is compare the Spanish alphabet to the United States alphabet. You can use any of the ten websites listed above, but I prefer the primary games website for the most fun!
It might help you to click on the online encyclopedia website to find out the different orgins of the alphabet.  Then, you are going to write down all the letters of the United States alphabet to show the new student how to correctly write the letters.  After you have given the new student the American alphabet, you will then draw a picture of your favorite letter and a picture that starts with that letter! After you have completed your mission, I will take your picture and publish it on the internet. Perhaps someone from a different country might find this site and use it to help them learn about the American alphabet!  You are going to help this foreign exchange student learn the alphabet and also give him or her an insight on what your favorite letter is and why!  Are you ready to get started? Let's go!

Mission Steps
1. First let the student explore all the ten websites so that he or she has a great understanding of the american alphabet and the different letter forms. I prefer the primary games website.
2. Next, read the scenario mission statement and have the students explore the links in the scenario mission statement. THe links are for the country Spain and the comparisons of the Spanish and American alphabet.
3. After the student has explored these links, explain to the student that now it is time to write down the American alphabet to show to the new student. The student will do this on a regular piece of paper with a pencil. If the student wants to write the alphabet on line paper, that will be fine also.
4. After the student writes the alphabet, have him or her tell you about the letters and sounds that each letter makes.
5. The last step is when the student is given a piece of paper and crayons, markers, or paint. Have the student write their favorite letter and draw a picture of that begins with that letter. After the picture is drawn, have the student talk about why that letter is their favorite and have them explain their picture.
6. After the lesson is complete, publish their drawings and alphabet on the Internet for everyone to see!

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