Happy Fall !!pp

This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Copeland's Kindergarten Class at Clyattville Elementary School
by Cowanna Gilmore, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Look around you outside!!! Can you guess what season we are in? Have you ever wondered why the leaves change colors?  Hooray!! It's Fall! There are many exciting changes and activities that takes place during the Fall season. Below are fun websites taht will help us learn about Fall, apples, and Fall activities like Halloween, trike-or treating, and Thanksgiving.

Click season to find out what a season is.  On this cite you can get a definition of what a season is.   Another name for Fall is Autumn.  On this Fall  website you can find out what are some Fall holidays, books to read, games and more.
Did you know that a pumpkin is really a squash?  Pumpkins are grown all over the world on six of the seven continents.  They are even grown in Alaska! Click on pumpkin to see the biggest pumpkin ever!!

Do you enjoy cooking?  How often do you get to help cook at home?  You can check out some yummy recipes on this wibsite.  Hopefullly you and your parents can cook one.

Halloween is one of the Fall holidays.  Halloween is on October 31st. Click here for some safety tips so your  Halloween can be safe and fun.

"Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat". On halloween many children go trick-or- treating from house to house.  Find out the history of  trick-or-treating.

On halloween children dress up in costumes to go trick-or-treating.  Do you know what you will dress up as on halloween?  Play the fun costume matching game.

Fall is the time for picking apples.  There are many kinds of apples.  My favorite kind of apples are the granny smith apples.  What is what is your favorite apple?  Lets take a look at some apples so you can decide.
Apples have many different uses.  You can eat apples, drink apple juice, make apple prints or make some tastey apple treats.  Lets look at some treats to make.

Now lets have some fun with apples!!  On this site you can dress up an apple.  Have you ever played Mr. Potato Head ?  This is what this game is like, we will play Mr./Mrs. Apple Head.

Thanksgiving is another Fall holiday.  We celebrate Thanksgiving Day  in November by gathering with family or friends for a holiday feast.Using this Encarta Encyclopedia you can find out about Thanksgiving. Learn the customs, symbols, origins and the traditional American Thanksgiving. Lets play a game of Pin the Beard on the Turkey just for fun.

Scenarion Mission

Imagine that you are a teacher.  Your class has just got done learning about the season Fall.  You talked about different Fall objects and activiteis like pumpkins, Halloween, trick-or-treating, apples and Thanksgiving. To celebrate the completeion of your Fall lesson your class will have a Fall party.  Have your students to make a Fall poster for the party.  Decorate the poster with drawings of some things that happens in the Fall, Fall objects or some Fall activities. This link will help you.

Mission Steps
  1. Review Fall activities and holidays
  2. Visit the websites to get ideas
  3. Give students poster and crayons
  4. Have students to make the poster
  5. Display the student's work on the Internet

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