If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

By Laura J. Numeroff

Picture & Page Designed by
Cowanna Gilmore

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

The book " If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" is a really good book. The author

of the book is Laura Joffe Numeroff. The book is about a little boy who gave a

mouse a cookie.  One day the little boy was sitting outside on a rock in his yard

and he seen a mouse.  The boy decided to give the mouse a cookie. 

When the mouse was eating the cookie he wanted a glass of

milk.  The little boy let the mouse inside his house and gave the mouse a glass

of milk.  Whe the little boy gave the mouse the milk the mouse wantd a straw,

so the little boy gave the mouse a straw.  Then the mouse wanted to look in a

mirror to make sure he  did not have a milk mustache.  The little boy let the

mouse look in the mirror.  Next, the mouse asked for a pair of scissors to give

himself a trim. 

So everytime the littlye boy gave the mouse something, he

needed something else.  By the time the little boy was done granting all the

mouse's requests and cleaning up after him, he was a bit tired.  If you decide to

give a mouse a cookie, remember that he's going to want something else with it!


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