Welcome to the Spectacular World of Spiders

This TopicQuest was designed for the Jeff Davis Primary School
By Crystal Doolittle, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher



    Spiders are definitely unique creatures, in their own sort of way.  They are classified under the Arachnida class, and there are several different species of spiders. There are sixty-four different families of spiders in North America alone, so just think about all the families in the whole world. Spiders are everywhere on our planet, from the highest mountains to the lowest valleys, so it is important for us to be aware of these unique creatures and their characteristics.  I have provided a few links below for my visitors to explore at their own will.  I hope you all enjoy!


Do you know how many species of Black Widows there are?

Are all Black Widows venomous?

brown recluse

How do spiders differ from insects?

What is the primary prey of  a spider?


Do all spiders have eight legs?

What color is a spider's blood?


What is the most venomous spider of South Africa?

How do spiders eat their food?


Is there a species of spiders that can make noises?

Is there really a spider that can eat a bird?


Ask the fact monster anything you want, and the fact monster will reach into its encyclopedia and give you the answer.


Mission Activity
designed for first grade students

       An arachnologist is a person who studies and works with spiders.  You have to pretend you are an arachnologist and you know almost everything there is to know about spiders.  The president of the Arachnologist Association has asked you to write down some facts about spiders to present to everyone at a convention this weekend.  This site on spiders will help you find the facts to write down for your presentation.  After you write down some facts, you also need to draw a picture of a spider. Good luck on your presentation!


1.)  Go to the site and read some of the facts about spiders.

2.)  If you want to, you can even click on specific spiders and learn more about those particular spiders.

3.)  Then, write down some of the facts that you thought were the most interesting. (About two or three facts)

4.)  Finally, draw a picture of a spider.

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