Pilgrim Party!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Payton's kindergarten class at W. G. Nunn Elementary School
by Christine Cormack, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

pilgrim mom and dad

The Pilgrims came to America by way of a ship called The Mayflower.  Let's explore some of these fun sites to learn more about the Pilgrims and how the First Thanksgiving came to be in the year 1621!

pilgrim girl with apples

An American

The First Thanksgiving, Recipies, and games!

Pilgrim boy eating apple

Thanksgiving Food
Fun For All!

Click on the letters to see a Thanksgiving treat starting with that letter!
pilgrim with pumpkins

Thanksgiving With
Billy Bear

Thanksgiving games, crafts, and coloring fun!
pilgrim churning

Clothing of
the Pilgrims

Find out what the Pilgrims wore.
pilgrim wtih turkey
The First
Thanksgiving Food

The Thanksgiving Proclaimation, and a list of all the food the Pilgrims ate at the first Thanksgiving.

boy wtih apples at feet
Thanksgiving Games

Choose from games, riddles, jokes, coloring, and so much more!

Mission Activity

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for everything we have been given.  The Pilgrims gave thanks to the Indians for teaching them how to live in there new home and lands.  We are going to draw a Thanksgiving dinner on paper plates to show our thanks.  Go to this page, The Pilgrim's Thanksgiving, and see some of the food they ate.  Then, see The First Thanksgiving for a list of more food to eat!

Mission Steps

Materials needed:  paper plate, crayons, and some eager hands!
1.  Explore the given links in order to find out what the Pilgrims ate at the First Thanksgiving.
2.  Pass out paper plates to students and crayons too.
3.  Ask students to think about what the Pilgrims ate for Thanksgiving.
4.  Have students create a Thanksgiving dinner by drawing it on their paper plates

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