When I Was Young in The Mountains
By:  Cynthia Rylant
Picture and Story Designed by Christine Cormack

when I was young in the mountains

When I was Young in the Mountains is a story about a young girl who lived in the mountains as a child.  This is set back in the olden times before electricity.  She is a very happy girl, and is always excited to see her grandfather returning from the coal mines and to eat the delicious meals that her grandmother cooks.

Sometimes, she goes swimming in the swimming hole, and even got to see her cousin baptised there.  She goes shopping with her grandmother for the food as well and pumps water from the well to heat for her bath.

The gilr attends school on Sunday at the church house and enjoys it very much.  She sometimes thinks of the ocean and the cities and all the other places other than the mountains, but... do you think she wants to stay in the mountains, or travel somewhere else?

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