Enjoy the Spring
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Ivey's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School By Candice Veal, a Valdosta State Universtiy Preservice Teacher.


Well, it is finally time for spring and I am really excited.  The flowers are going to be so amazing.  Do you like to go outside and play?  Do you like to pick pretty flowers?  This page is going to show you all of the wonderful things you can discover in the spring.  You are going to learn how to enjoy the spring.

butterfly Do you think that butterflies are pretty?  Butterflies have many colors and love to fly.  Click on the butterfly to learn more about butterflies.  There are pictures of butterflies and different activites involving butterflies.
Do you like flowers?  Flowers are beautiful and fun to pick.  You can look all over and find many flowers for everyone to enjoy.  If you want to see some flowers, look at this website and enjoy the pictures.
In the spring there are many little and big frogs hopping around.  You can catch them sometimes and keep them as a pet.  You should always make sure you take care of the frog.  Click on the frog to find what type of container is best for your frog.
2bugs If you look outside you will see a bunch of ladybugs flying  around.  One may land on your shoulder but be careful with it.  If you want to see some pictures of a bunch of ladybugs click on the ladybug picture and have fun.
Look outside and you will see a bunny rabbit hopping around.  They can hop really fast so make sure you do not miss them.  Bunny rabbits can be all different colors.  Click in picture of the rabbit to see all of the different colors of rabbits.
The birds are flying around every where.  The birds like warm weather and they are flying near you for the spring.  Click on the cardinal to learn more about birds on the online Encarta Encyclopedia.
There are many types of flowers blooming in the spring time and I think you should know how to take care of some of the flowers.  Click on the pretty flower to learn how to take care of a flower or even make a pretty paper  flower.
You may see these little guys flying around when you are outside playing.  They are called bumble bees and they can hurt you if you are mean to them.  There are many other bugs that fly around in the spring.  Check out the cool website about the many different bugs by clicking on the bumble bee.  You can even color a bug!!
If you ride by a pond or lake look for all of the pretty ducks in a row.  The mother duck is leading the little ones around.  Click on the white duck to see her leading the small ones in the pond.
This is the picture of a beautiful sunflower in full bloom. There are many interesting facts about the sunflower.  Just click on the sunflower to read about the flower.

The Quitman newspaper has decided to make a small magazine for your class.  You are requried to draw any picture that reminds you of spring.  The pictures will go in a small book and you will be able to look at it when everyone is finished.  Be sure to use lots of color!!
Here are some examples of spring pictures.

Mission Steps:
1.  Use the piece of paper that is given to you to draw a spring picture. 
2.  Also, you can use the cut-outs provided for a spring picture.
3.  Color the picture with lots of color.
4.  Submit to the teacher so it can put in the magazine.


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