The Grouchy Ladybug
by Eric Carle
picture and story by Candice Veal


    One night this beautiful ladybug, Lilly, was flying in the lonley night.  She decided to stop at the closest leaf and take a little rest.  She sat down on the leaf and this other ladybug, Roxy, was sitting right beside her.
    This ladybug looked really happy for someone to sit down next to her.  Lilly asked Roxy why was she so happy to be sitting on the leaf.  She explained that she was happy that someone sat down next to her.  Now, she had someone to talk to about everything.  Both Roxy and Lilly were lonely and this was good time for them to become friends.
    Roxy and Lilly talked all night and hardly got any sleep.  They laughed most of the night and told really funny jokes.  The next day and all of the days after that they were always together and had so much fun together.

Why do you think Lilly and Roxy were so lonely before they found each other? 

How do you think they felt after they met each other? 


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