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Hello! My name is Candace Simpson. I am a Junior in the Early Childhood and Reading Education Department at Valdosta State University. I am 21 and live in Dixie, Georgia. I have two brothers named Josh and Brandon. I live on a farm with my younger brother Brandon and his best friend named Brandon Mitchell. On the farm we have cows, cotton, peanuts, and many fishing ponds.

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When I am not at school, I am a Realtor at
Ron Borders Real Estate in Valdosta. I enjoy selling houses and helping people's dreams come true. I started working in real estate three years ago as my Aunt Tammy's assistant. In January of 2004 I earned my real estate license and have been very busy ever since. I enjoy my career in real estate but I have always wanted to teach.


I have visited many places but the best place I have ever been was Niagara Falls, Canada. The falls were beautiful and definitely a site to behold. I visited the falls with my mother, stepfather, and step-sister this past summer. We had a wonderful time and I hope to revisit the falls again one day.

niagara falls

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