~  Letter Writing is Fun  ~

This Integrating Technology eBook was designed & developed
for Ms. Cami's Middle School class at Coastal Academy.

Dear Daddy
Writing is Fun!!!

ELA6W2  The student demonstrates competence in a variety of genres.

The student produces a multi-paragraph persuasive essay that:

    a.    Engages the reader by establishing a context, creating a speaker’s voice, and otherwise developing reader interest.
    b.    States a clear position of a proposition or proposal.
    c.    Supports the position with organized and relevant evidence.
    d.    Excludes information and arguments that are irrelevant.
    e.    Creates an organizing structure appropriate to a specific purpose, audience, and context.
    f.    Anticipates and addresses readers’ concerns and counter-arguments.
    g.    Provides a sense of closure to the writing.

PLO:  Students will be able to write a well organized persuasive letter using the components of a friendly letter.

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