Miss McDonald Had a Farm
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Wright's Kindergarten Class at W.G. Nunn Elementary School
By Candace McDonald, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Have you ever visited a farm? What do you think of when you hear the word farm? There are many different animals that live on a farm such as cows, pigs, and chickens. Farmers also grow food for us to eat. They plant crops that help make clothes for us to wear. Without farms, our lives would be very different. We need farms so come and see what they are all about!

There are so many different kinds of animals that live on a farm. Click here to see them and learn why they are important for farming.
Click here to learn why farming is an important part of life, even if you've never lived on a farm.
Did you know that farmers grow cotton to make the clothes that you and I are wearing right now? Click here to learn more!
Do you like to drink milk? Milk helps our bones to grow big and strong! Did you know that milk comes from a cow? Click here to learn the story of milk.
Farmers today use all kinds of equipment to help them grow their crops. See what each peice of equipment is used for on this site.
Farming and agriculture are an important part of our everyday life. Click here to learn the definition of the word agriculture.

Mission Activity

Congratulations! You have just been chosen as the farmer of the year! You should be very excited because you were selected out of many other farmers! The newspaper wants to write an article about you and your farm to put on the front page of the newspaper. They also want to take a picture of you and your favorite farm animal. Which animal on the farm has helped you the most? Draw a picture of you and the animal that you chose and tell why it is helpful to you on your farm. Remember to smile pretty! This picture will be on the front page of the newspaper!

Mission Steps
1. Visit this site to learn about the different kinds of farm animals and their use on a farm.
2. Choose the animal that you think would be the most helpful to you on your farm.
3. Draw a picture of yourself and your favorite farm animal.
4. Write a couple of sentences telling why you chose this animal.

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