Numbers Numbers Everywhere!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Stephanie's pre-k classs at Moody AirForce Base
By Candice McClendon a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

number blocks

Numbers are everywhere! We use numbers everyday. The date is a number, prices are numbers, and much much more. Let's explore the sites below to learn more about numbers in our world.


1. Find out anything from this online encyclopedia just for kids.
2. Can you count the carts of the train as they slide across the tracks? Then you can click on each cart to count the objects in each cart. Sounds like fun!
3. Do you know how coins are made? Here a cool movie to take you through the process of making a coin.
4. We use money to buy things. Listen to the dollar bill tell you his story.
ball book
5. Watch the ball as they bounce across the page. Can you count the balls?
6. Learning how to count is fun. Play along to count objects all the way up to TEN!


Mission Activity
All Aboard!!! Get ready to explore the number train. You have a chance to put all ten carts of the number train together.
Then you can see what is inside the number train and practice counting the items. After counting with the number train you will have a chance to become the captin of the train. You will make your own number train using foam shapes. Number them correctly in order to get the train to the next station.
Choo Choo!! Let's Begin!
Mission Steps
1. Visit the Number train website
2. Choose your supplies to build your tain(foam squares, rectangles, and circles, cotton balls, crayons, and markers)
3. Look at the train website to help you build your train.
4. Number each part of your train in the correct order starting with the number one
You did it Captin now your train is on its way to the next station!


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