Lost Josslynn
Paint Picture & Story Designed by Candice McClendon


Lost Josslynn

            In a beautiful forest there were many butterflies. In one of the trees lived the friendliest family of butterflies. The mother had a new baby butterfly that had the most colors on her wings. Her name was Josslynn. She was too young to fly on her own and her family told her not to leave the tree.
    Josslynn didn’t listen and flew out of the tree when her parents left to get food. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She flew over, under and around all of the trees in the forest she even found a pond with frogs. The sun was beginning to set and had to get back to her tree, but which way was her tree? Was it right? Was it left? Was it far far away? Josslynn didn’t know.
    She flew around the forest going in circles! She was lost! Josslynn began to cry. Suddenly, another older butterfly flew by and saw her crying. He asked her “ What’s wrong, why are you crying? Josslynn dried her tears and said, “I’m lost”. The other butterfly recognized all of her pretty colors on her wings and remembered that she was the baby of the friendliest butterfly family. He knew exactly how to get to her tree.
    He showed her the way home to her tree where her mother and father were flying around the tree because they were worried about her. They were very happy to see her home again and told her to never leave the tree alone again until she was old enough and knew her way around the forest.

1. How would you change the main character?
2. Where would your story take place?
3. What would happen to the main character in your story?
4. How would your story end?