Under the Sea: A World of Adventures!!!

This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Johnson's Pre-K Class at Dewar Elemantary School  by:  Carolyn Daughtry a Valdosta State University Preservice teacher.

        The world of the underwater planet is a creative and interesting way of life!!!  Did you know that the ocean makes up over 70% of the planet Earth!!!  Have you ever wondered what kind of sea creatures are in the ocean or what lies on the sandy beaches? If so, take any of our many adventures with Scuba Steve and me, as we explore the mysteries of the deep blue sea!

Have you ever visited an ocean?  Explore the ocean with Scuba Steve and learn about the mysteries and beauty of the deep blue sea. 
Did you know that the blue whale is the largest animal in the world?  Take an adventure through the aquatic safari and learn more with Scuba Steve and the other sea creatures.
Take a sea boat into the ocean with Scuba Steve and explore the treasures of the sea.  All Aboard!!!
Be Careful!  Your next adventure will be a sharking good time.  So take Scuba Steve and don't forget to check out the 3-D sharks!
Come and learn with Scuba Steve about the sides of a fish.  Can you name the sides of a fish?
Learn all about coral and coral reefs at this site.  Also check out their great underwater experience. Scuba Steve hurry up we're leaving!
If you're in the mood for games, you can find a few sea related games here. There are word games and puzzles, and even a few with an arcade feel.  Have Fun!
Let's go with Scuba Steve and take a relaxing walk down the beach.  Can you find any shells?
What is a sea turtle?  Let's go catch up on our reading and learn more about this endangered species.
Can you tell me what an ocean current is and why?  Let's go take off with Scuba Steve to our last web site and see if we can find the answer.

Scenario Mission

Take your last dive into the deep blue sea! Now that you and Scuba Steve have completed your fun adventures, Scuba Steve would like for you to complete a mission. Let's find out how to become an Official Marine Adventurer in Mrs. Johnsons class.  First you will have to indentify the four sides of a fish and then complete an artistic and creative picture of your favorite sea creature(s).  Good Luck and have fun!!!

Mission Steps

Step 1:  Go to the web site, sides of a fish and identify the sides of a fish.

Step 2:  How many sides do fish have?

Step 3:  Take an aquatic safari and explore the different kinds of fish and coral.

Step 4:  Create and draw your favorite sea animals and any other ocean related pictures and describe your drawing.

note:  Your pictures will be published on the Internet!!!

  See You On Our Next Under the Sea      Adventure!!!

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