Fish is Fish
By:  Leo Lionni
Designed by:  Carolyn Daughtry

      This is a story of a little fish and his friend the tadpole.  They were inseparable until one morning the tadpole grew legs.  As the tadpole changes into a frog and leaves the pond, the fish wonders what he is doing.  When the frog returns he shares tales of many extraordinary things.  Tadpole described birds, cows, and people.  And the fish could only imagine what all these new words looked like.  One day the fish became so curious about land, he jumped out of the water and received a frightening experience.  The frog was near by thankfully and pushed the fish back into the water so he could breathe.  "now he felt weightless again and with an ever-so-slight motion of the tail he could move to and fro, up and down, as before.  Fish finally understood that frog was right "Fish is Fish" and "Frogs are Frogs," and despite their differences they would always be friends.

Critical Thinking:
Think of another exciting thing frog could describe to fish and explain why you picked what you picked.

Why did Fish finally agree with Frog that "Fish is Fish"?

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