Topic Mini Research and Literature Activities on the Topic of Bears
This Topic Mini-Research and Literature Web Page was developed for Ms. Debbie Bradford's Pre-K class at Cook Primary School
Designed by Casey Plymel, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

bear paint picture

running polar bear
What do polar bears look like?
Check out what polar bears look like and other cool facts about them.

panda bear
Check out this video about panda bears.
What is the panda bear eating in the video?

black bear
This charts lists what states black bears live in.
Do any black bears live in Georgia? What do black bears look like?
bears hibernating
Bears always seem to get sleepy in the winter time.
Why do bears need to hibernate?

Bear Real-World Activity
It's time to strap on your gear and get ready because we're going on a bear hunt!  Today, we are explorers searching for different types of bears. Today we will be searching for three specific types of bears: a polar bear, a panda bear, and a black bear.  We will be looking around to find out what these bears look like, where they live, and what they like to do. We will then pick out our favorite type of bear to draw a picture of. It is important to pay close attention to what each type of bear looks like. Make sure to notice the different colors that each bear has in his fur.
1.) Today we will be pretending that we are explorers going on a bear hunt to find our favorite bear. There are many types of bears, but today we will be searching for three different types of bears.
2.) The first type of bear we're searching for is a polar bear. Polar bears live where there is snow, and they have white fur that helps them to blend in with the snow.
3.) We will now search for our second type of bear. This type of bear is black and white and can be found in China. Click here to find out what bear we're looking for now!
4.) It now time to search for our last type of bear. Look at this chart to see the many different places black bears live and also what they look like.
5.) Today we have found polar bears, panda bears, and black bears on our bear hunt. It is now time for you to pick your favorite bear that we found today.
6.) Now that you've thought of your favorite bear, draw a picture of it. Make sure to play close attention to what colors you make your bear.
7.) With the help of your teacher write a sentence about your bear about what he eats, where he lives, or what he likes to do.

Bears-Relate Literature Acitivity

panda bear

 1. If you were a bear where would you like to live? What kinds of things would you like to do?

2. If you could save one type of endangered species from the book which one would it be and why?

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