Spring Has Sprung!

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Lashonda Watts' Pre-Kindergarten class
at Alapaha Head Start
                    by Carla Whitley, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

umbrella and flower

Spring has Sprung and we are ready to have some fun. During spring there is so much fun stuff to do. We can plant flowers, listen for the storms, play with frogs, try to catch butterflies, and fly kites. There is just no time to spend inside because the weather is just so warm and cozy.

girl watering flower
First Day of Spring is fun for everyone. As the cold winds leave you can get ready to spend more time outside.
smiling flowers
Spring is right between the cold winter days and the hot summer days.
storm cloud
Sometimes when we lay and bed and hear thunder we wonder How Far Is That Storm?  Knowing how close it is will tell you if you should cover your head.
smiling frog
Did you ever think about a frog Saying AAAHHHH? Frogs have very long tongues and a very big mouth.

 A Butterfly Life Cycle starts as a caterpillar and then ends as a beautiful butterfly. So next time you see a butterfly just think of everything they had to go through to get there.


Ever wonder how to fly a kite. Just spend a little time with Professor Kite and he will explain it all.

Mission Activity
Kite flying can be really fun, but sometimes it could be really tricky. After looking at the Professor Kite web page take some time and imagine that you wake up in the morning and you decide you would like to go fly a kite. You have to make sure that the weather is just right and  that you are in the right location.

Mission Steps
1. Review Professor kite webpage.
2. Draw a picture of you flying a kite.
3. Write or dictate what the weather should be like to fly a kite.

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