Sammie the Fire Truck
Paint Picture & Story Designed By Carla Whitley

fire truck riding down the road

    Sammie the fire truck is a very large red fire truck. He loves his job because he gets to help the fire fighters get to the fire to take care of the people. Sammie also enjoys going out on joy rides on warm sunny days.
    One sunny afternoon when the day had been slow the fire fighters took Sammie out for a ride. As he and the fire fighters were riding he noticed a gray cloud up a head. When Sammie noticed the gray cloud he yelled to the fireman telling them to look ahead at the cloud. The fireman looked up a seen a very gray cloud. The fireman then turned on Sammie's lights and headed straight for the cloud.
    When Sammie and the fireman rounded the corner they could see that it was a house that was burning. The truck speed a little faster till he reached the house and came to a screeching stop. The fireman then jumped off the truck and started connecting the hoses. They ran the hoses over to the house and Sammie started pushing with all his might to pump the water through the hoses.
    When the flames were finally put out with the water Sammie quiet pushing. Sammie was now very tired and was ready to get back to the station and rest. The fireman rolled up all the hoses and placed them on the fire truck. They then climbed up in the fire truck and headed back to the station. When Sammie finally had the station in sight he got a little faster and a little faster. Finally he made it to the fire department; the fireman opened the big door and let Sammie in.
Then the fireman gave Sammie a bubble bath and turned out the lights so he could go to sleep. As the fireman left out of the room they told Sammie "Thank you for such a great job!"

Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1. How would you change the main character? (Introduction)
2. Where would your story takes place? (Setting)
3. What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4. How would your story end? (Ending)

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