It's Turkey Time!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. O'Quinn's Kindergarten Class at Dewar Elementary School
By Crystal Patterson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Big Turkey

Once a year, we visit our families to eat turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.  Most families go around the table before the big dinner and tell everyone what they are thankful for.  Have you ever wondered why we celebrate this holiday or when it started?  We're going to explore Thanksgiving and learn why we give thanks!

Thanksgiving Pilgrim

What are some of the symbols of Thanksgiving? 
Find out the symbols and more by reading this encyclopedia article!


Do you ever wonder if anyone else ever celebrated Thanksgiving?  Learn who else does and the story of Thanksgiving at this site!

The Mayflower

What was it like to be a Pilgrim or an Indian? What was the trip to America on the Mayflower like?  Find out what  life was like on this site!
Turkey with a Pilgrim Hat

What did the Pilgrims and Indians actually eat on Thanksgiving?  Find out what was eaten on the first Thanksgiving and what kind of table manners they had in 1621.
Pilgrim Girl

Do you ever wonder how much you really know about Thanksgiving?  Read the story and take the quiz to test your knowledge!
Thanksgiving Gathering

Was turkey part of the first Thanksgiving meal? What President made Thanksgiving a national holiday?  Find out the answers and more on this site!

Mission Activity

Imagine you live in Plymouth Plantation.  You can be either a Pilgrim or an
  Use this website to discover what life was like for Pilgrims and Indians in Plymouth Plantation.  You will need to know what to wear, what your chores are, and maybe even the type of games you played in Plymouth Plantation.  Use this information to draw a picture of your new life as a Pilgrim or Indian.   

Mission Steps
1. Visit this website to research life as a Pilgrim or Indian in Plymouth Plantation.  
2. Learn about the clothes they wore, the food they ate, the houses they lived in, what they did, and even the games the children played.
3.  Use your imagination and pretend that you live in Plymouth Plantation.  You can be either a Pilgrim or an Indian. 
4. Use the information you learned from the website to draw a picture of your life as a Pilgrim or an Indian.  Be as creative as you can so I can see what your life is like as a Pilgrim or Indian. 
5. Tell me what you pretended to be, a Pilgrim or an Indian, and write a sentence about your picture. 

Little Pilgrim
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