Come Swim In A Sea Of Fun!

This TopicQuest was created for Mrs. Orr's kindergarten class at Sallas Mahone Elementary School by Charlotte Harper, a Valdosta State University pre-service teacher!

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Have you ever been to the beach?  Or have you been boating?  Did you know that hundreds of different animals live in the ocean?  Put on your swimsuit and get ready for some deep sea fun!  This activity is going to take you under the ocean water to explore and learn.  


killer whale
Did you know that killer whales have been known to eat other whales?  Do you want to learn more about killer whales and what they eat?  To learn  interesting facts about whales just click!
Have you ever seen an octopus?  Do you know how many arms an octopus has?  How does an octopus protect itself from predators?  To find out, click on octopus!
Many people are afraid of sharks because of their sharp teeth.  But did you know that sharks don't have any bones?  To see picture of many different sharks and to learn more facts, just click here!
  two dolphins
Dolphins are considered to be the most intelligent marine mammal.  They are very social and like to travel in packs.  To learn all about bottle nosed dolphins go to this website!
snowflake eel
Does this picture look like a snake to you?  Well, it's not!  This is an eel.  It looks like a snake but it lives underwater.  To find out more about this interesting animal, just click!
two seals
What sea animal has flippers for arms and no ears?  It's the seal!  This is a cute animal to explore and learn about.  Come on!
Did you know that there are laws protecting manatees?  This is because they are on the endangered species list.  Come learn some useful facts about manatees!
There is so much to learn about sea turtles.  This website will tell you about a disease that is killing sea turtles.  Read about the research that scientists are conducting.
Have you ever seen a jellyfish on the beach?  You need to be very careful not to touch them because jellyfish can sting!  If you want to learn more, go to this fun site!
   large mouth bass
There are hundreds of different species of fish in the ocean.  One fish that is common to Florida waters is the largemouth bass.  Learn more about this fish by clicking on the link.
      cartoon fish
This website is just for fun.  It has many different coloring sheets that you can print out and color.  Design your own sea critter!

Let's pretend that you work for Sallas Mahone Elementary School.  Mr. English, the principal, wants you to teach your class about some animals that live in the ocean. 
Your assignment is to research two animals that live in the ocean.  You will need to find out their physical characteristics (what they look like).  Also, you will need to learn about their habitats (where they live).
To help your class learn about each animal, you will need to draw a picture of the two animals that you researched.
This TopicQuest page has many different animals that you can choose from to research.  Just click on ocean animals to get started!

Mission Steps
1. Explore with your teacher the ocean animals web     page.  Choose two animals that you want to teach to  your class.
2. Gather the information about the two animals that you chose.  Dictate to your teacher what you learned.
3.  Draw a picture of both of the animals.                   
4.  Give your teacher the picture that you drew.  Your teacher will publish your picture and the information that you dictated on the Internet.

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