and how to get out alive
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This Topic Quest is designed for Ms.Forces's Pre-Kindergarten class at the Valdosta Community Child Care Center by Charlotte Griffin, a preservice teacher.

Fires are very dangerous. Do you have the knowledge to get out of a fire safely? The sites below are fun, but they also teach you ways to keep yourself safe. Visit  them to play games and learn important lessons that could save your life.

Visit Sparky the Fire Dog
1. The Great Sparky wants you to learn about fire safety. There are alot of fun activities for yu to chose from. You can ask Sparky questions, play games, learn about fire trucks, or take a fun fire safety quiz!
Kids Fire Safety Tips
2. Learn some fire safety tips from your friends "Buzzy" the fire detector, "Reddy" the fire Extinguisher and other pals!
Kids Safety Net
3. These clowns really know how to have fun and learn about fire safety. Check out there tips, games an music & videos.
The Safety Zone
4. Make a safety checklist, compete in an artist challenge, make an emergency escape plan, and if you have anymore question email Rover's gang!
stop drop roll
Stop, Drop, and Roll
5. Let Sparky show you how to STOP, DROP, ROLL, and COOL
Visit Arson the Fire Dog
6. Arson the Dog has puzzles, action pictures, fire trucks, quizzes, and fire lessons that he wants to share with you.
fire sxtinguisher
Learn about Fire Safety
7. Learn about home fire safety from "Exty". He even talks.  Exty tells children about the dangers of fire and how to prevent fire from occuring in your home.
red dot
Childrens Fire Safety Tips
8. Learn about fire safety with Bud the Dog, Dan the fireman. and the Red Hot Dot. In addition to fire safety they teach children about other safety issues.
child on latter
Escape a fire
9. Play the escape the fire game in the Survive Alive Village. Make an emergency escape plan for your house.
house on fire
10. Take a quiz made by the New York Fire Department.
fire hose
Scenerio Mission
Mission Project

  There are  many ways that fires occur. Fire can be very dangerous and we need to know how to react if an accident were to happen.  The most important thing to remember is to BE CAREFUL around fire and never play with matches or lighters. Only adults should use matches and lighters. What if you stood too close to a fire place or accidentally ran into a candle? Your clothes could catch on fire. If this ever happens you want to be prepared. Show me what you would do if your clothes were to catch on fire, what do you need to do to put the fire out.
( If you forget)


Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher Fire Safety website.

2. Look at picture of Sparky stopping, dropping, and rolling.

3. Show me what you would do if your clothes were to catch on fire.

4. Draw a picure of you stopping in the STOP box, draw a picture of you dropping in the DROP box, and draw a picture of you rolling in the ROLL box.
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