The Tale of   

Retold by Angela Elwell Hunt
Illustrations by Tim Jonke
Page Developed by Christine Campbell


    Once upon a time three trees stood upon a mountaintop dreaming of what they would like to be. The first tree dreamed of holding  treasures of gold and precious stones. The second tree dreamed of being a strong sailing ship and to carry powerful kings. The third tree dreamed of staying right there on the mountaintop. He wanted to grow so tall that he wanted people to look up and see heaven.             Years passed and the little trees grew strong.  One day three woodcutters saw the big strong trees and decided to cut them down. The first tree was excited because he knew that he would be made into a beautiful chest that held gold and precious stones. The second tree was also excited because he know that he would sail on the mighty waters. The third tree felt his heart sink for he dreamed of standing tall and pointing to heaven.
     The woodcutters took the trees to the carpenter's shop and began their work. The first tree was very disappointed for he was made into a feed box for animals. The second tree was also disappointed because he was made into a weak sailboat. Every day he brought in loads of smelly fish. The third tree was very confused for he was  made into a strong beam.
    Many days and nights passed until one night a young woman placed her baby into the feed box. The first tree suddenly knew that he was holding the greatest treasure in the world. The second tree was out one night when a tired traveller and his friends climbed into the old fishing boat. A terrible storm came up and the tired traveller streched out his hand and said, "Peace". The storm stopped. The second tree suddenly knew that he was carrying the King of heaven and earth. The third tree was taken by suprise when he was yanked from the woodpile. He was being carried through an angry crowd and was frightened when soldiers nailed a man's hands to him. The third tree suddenly knew that he was carrying God's Son and everytime people thought of the third tree, they would think of God and that was better than being the tallest tree.