Let's Travel To Mrs. Campbell's Class


I am very excited to be doing my practicum work at Pine Grove Elementary School in Valdosta, Georgia. My mentor teacher is Mrs. Sharp and her paraprofessional is Mrs. Byron. They are a great team working together to teach 19 kindergarten students. Mrs. Sharp has  made me feel right at home.

Pine Grove Elementary School is the closest school to airplane Moody Air Force Base. As a result, Mrs. Sharp's class is made up of children with very diverse backgrounds. Like most kindergarten classes, the children are full of enthusiasm and eager to learn. I have noticed that the children seem to enjoy school and have fun as they learn.

Another activity that the students love to participate in is singing with Mrs. Sharp. The activity not only includes signing but Mrs. Sharp also encourages the children to "get the wiggles bear3 out".

As we sail boat through the school year I look forward to learning right along with the children at Pine Grove Elementary.


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