The Little Red Hen
By:  Paul Galdone
Picture and Story Designed  by: Chanda Wright little hen

The Little Red Hen is a story about a little red hen that lived in a cozy little house with a cat, dog, and a mouse. The cat, dog, and mouse were very lazy. When the Hen asked them to help with the chores around the house they were always too tired.

When she asked them to help with the dishes the cat, dog, and the mouse all said no. When she asked them to help in the lawn they all said no also. One day the Hen found some grains of wheat. When she asked who will plant the wheat all of her friends said no. The little red hen planted the wheat all by herself. She watered the wheat every day until it was finally ready to take to the mill to make flour. When she asked who would take it to the mill everyone said no. So she took it herself. When returning from the mill she added eggs, milk, butter, and sugar to the flour. She mixed it together and put it in the oven to make a cake.  Soon a great smell came from the kitchen, and the mouse, cat, and the dog came into the kitchen. They could not wait to taste the warm cake. Do you think the little red hen will let cat, dog, and mouse eat the cake?

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