Charlotte's Web
E.B. White
Picture and Page Designed by Crystal Nugent

charlotte's web

I remember in second grade my teacher read Charlotte's Web to my class.  I fell in love with the book and have loved it since then.  I remember going home and asking my mama to buy me Charlotte's Web so she could read it to me.  The book is such a great children's book and I plan on sharing it with my class and my children.  Wilbur, the pig in the picture, is saved by his friends Fern, a little girl, and Charlotte, the spider.  Wilbur was a runt and Fern's father was going to get rid of him but Fern begged to have him and her father let her keep Wilbur.  Wilbur becomes friends with Charlotte and she helps him come up with a plan to escape becoming bacon on someone's plate.  Charlotte dedicates herself to saving Wilbur's life by spinning words in her webs.  Charlotte cares for Wilbur like a mother, she tells him bedtime stories, sings him lullabies, teaches him manners, and encourages him.  When Charlotte has babies, Wilbur takes care of them for her like she took care of him.  This book is great for children, it is full of life's lessons.  It teaches children to care, form friendships, and it explores life and death.


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