Let's Take A Tractor Ride to the Farm

This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Williams' Kindergarten Class
at Cook County Primary School
by Carolyn Jones, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

As you may know, we live in South Georgia and farm and agriculture is a major form of security.  Have you ever taken a tractor ride on a farm to see the types of animals that are on a farm?  Let's take a ride and see types of farm animals and those that may live in a barn.
Livestock and cattle are found on a dairy farm and in pastures in the south.  Do you know what resource we get from cows?  There are several.  Take a peek.
Ducks can be found on farms that have ponds.  They enjoy swimming.  Did you know their eggs hatch within 28 days?  Take a look, don't be shy!
Do you have a pet?  Bunny rabbits make good pets, but you have to take care of them.  They have soft, fluffy fur all over their body.  If you want closely, you may see a bunny hop in front of the tractor's path.
Chickens rise early in the morning, especially the rooster.  The rooster is the male chicken and the female is called the hen.  Their babies are called chicks.  Let's learn more!
We get ham and bacon from pigs.  Pigs are another resourse that are on the farm.  Pigs like to roll around in the mud.  Have you ever seen a real pig?
Do you know the name of this animal found on a farm?  Yes, it's a sheep.  They have wool that covers their body. There are many different kinds of sheep.  Do you know what we use wool for?
What do you know about horses?  Did you know that a baby horse is called a fold.  Horses like to eat grass and hay on the farm.  The male horse is called the mare.  Look further to find out the name of the female horse!
Some farms have this animal.  This is a goat.  The male is called the Ram.  What is the female called?  Hold on tight to your seat and let our guide show us more.
Do you have a dog?  Dogs are wonderful pets and very good companions for most people.  There are some types of dogs that watch over sheep.  View further to see if you have seen any of the different types of dogs.

Scenario Mission

Now that we have taken our tractor ride and see all the different types of animals on the farm, we have a mission we need to complete.  Now it is your turn to be the guide on the tractor ride for Ms. Angela's kindergarten class.  First, you will need to name three favorite farm animals and creatively draw one of  the three animals you have chosen.  Get your tractor in gear and here we go!!! 

Mission Steps

Step 1:  Go to the website and view the different animals on your own.

Step 2:  Do you know what three animals are your favorite? 

Step 3:  Go to the blue, underlined words and look at more information on that animal so you can decide which animal you want to draw.

Step 4:  Draw a picture of your favorite farm animal you would want on your farm and even the food they eat if you like.  Then write a sentence or describe your drawing.

NoteYour pictures will be published on the Internet!!!

I hope your tractor ride on the farm was a meaningful adventure and please come visit with us on the farm again.

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