I am a Junior at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia.  I am presently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I plan to teach either grades 3, 4, or 5 once I graudate Fall 2003.  I graduated from Turner County High School in Ashburn, Georgia in 1982.  I attended "Valdosta State College" as it was called then, from 1982 - 1984.  I quit college in 1984, got married and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with my military husband.  I realize now if I had completed my goal to become a teacher then, I would have about 16 years with the State as a teacher.  Therefore, it is important to stay focused.

At my leisure, I enjoy watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball and I also enjoy watching professional football.  If time would allow, I would love to enjoy my hobby of playing softball.  Being a mother of two (2) children (ages 4 and 10) and a wife, I don't have time to myself because after classes at college, I have to make sure my 10 year old is supported by my presence at his leisure activities.  He plays basketball, but his preference would be soccer.

I have to keep in mind that as long as I keep my family happy and smiling, then my life is a little less stressful.  Therefore, I can focus on my career as a teacher.

Don't let barriers of any kind keep you from succeeding at your goals.

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