By: Jonathan London
Picture and Story by Cicely Riley


    For Froggy, Halloween meant candy. It also meant dressing up. For days he wondered what he would be for Halloween. He finally  decided to be "Prince Frog". He wore a black cape, a wig, a crown, and carried a mighty sword.
    At the Halloween parade at school everyone thought Froggy was cute, especially Princess Frogilina. That night Froggy and his friends went out to trick-or-treat.  Princess Frogilina chased after Froggy to give him a kiss! He leaped over all his friends to get away.
    Froggy got tons of candy while he was out trick-or treating. He couldn't wait to get home, but on his way home his sword tore a hole in his candy bag.
    How much candy do you think Froggy had at the end of the night?

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