Topic Mini-Research and Literature Activities for the Topic of Inventions
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
for Matt Kimbrell's Seventh Grade Class at Berrien Middle School

Designed By Clare Gearhart, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Invention Convention

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Learn about inventions from A to Z!

Who designed the first practical refrigerator and what did it use to keep items cool?

Benjamin Franklin

Learn all about Benjamin Franklin.

What did Benjamin Franklin invent to measure (keep track of the distance) of his paper route?

Take a look at a timeline of important inventions.

What was invented in 1890 and why was it invented?

Junk Food
Learn about accidental inventions!

What was invented by mistake in 1853?

Topic Real-World Activity
Welcome to the Inventor's Convention!!!!!
    Imagine that you are a great inventor. You have the opportunity of a lifetime to compete at an Invention Convention in New York City. There will be thousands of inventors at the conference, but they will only pick one person to patent their invention.  You can invent anything you want, just make sure that it is something great so the judges will choose you and your creation! You can invent something new or you can add on to an already invented item. Search at this website to help you formulate invention ideas! You must come up with an invention, draw a picture of it, and write a speech persuading the judges why your invention should win. The prize is your creation on the shelves of stores and $10,000. So lets get started!
Steps for The Inventor's Convention
1. Check out the website above for ideas and a list of items from A to Z that have already been invented.
2. Brainstorm about the one thing you wish was available to the public (this could be something that you have always wanted         or something that someone you know wishes was invented).
3. Come up with a creative name for your new invention.
4. Write one paragraph (with correct grammar) explaining your invention (include its name and what your inventions does).
5. Write another paragraph (with correct grammar) persuading the judges why you think the public needs your product and         why it is better than everyone else's invention.
6. When you are done with your speech (numbers 4 and 5) draw your invention so the judges can see what it looks like.
7. Put a price tag on your invention (how much money it will cost in the stores?).
8. Get ready to persuade the judges at the convention!
9. Read your speech to the rest of the inventors!

Topic Literature Activity

Biography of Thomas Edison

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

1. Think about the first time you did something, it could be anything (flying on a plane, riding a train, learning to ride a bike). How did it make you feel? Consider things such as: Was it what you expected? Was is scary? Would you do it again?

2. Which one of Thomas Edison's inventions would it be hardest for you to live without and why?

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