This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
for Mrs. Carter's Kindergarten Class at Echols County Elementary School. 
Designed By Courtney Cooley, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Let's learn how to count!  What is the first number? 
Counting can be fun!  Can you try to count chickens?
Why do you need to numbers?  When it comes to learning you can count us in!
What are numbers?  What do they mean?  Numbers represent symbols.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
         Let's make a farm for Frank Farmer! What kind of animals will he have?  How many of each animal will he have?  How about cows? What about chickens?  Let's make a book about counting the animals on the Frank Farmer's Farm for the library.
Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1.  Decide what kinds of animals Frank Farmer will have on his farm then lets count how many there will be.
2.  Start with 10 sheets of plain paper and number each page in order starting with number one.
3.  Each page should have the same number of animals as the page number.  For example:  page two should have two      animals.
4.  Write the kind of animal you want on that page.
5.  Draw a picture with your number of animals in your illustration.
6.  Be sure to title your book and write your name as author and illustrator.
7.  Be as creative as you want to be.  Feel free to make it your own and let your imagination run wild!

Topic Literature Activity

Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3
By:  Bill Martin, Jr.

Book-Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3

Topic Literature Activity
A.    1  Before we start counting, let's make sure we know our numbers!
B.  Four questions of understanding about Chicka Chicka 1 2 3.
1.  What are the numbers trying to do?
2.  Do the numbers accomplish their task?
3.  Why are the numbers trying to get to the top of the apple tree?
4.  Do they go in order? How?
C.  List your 2 critical thinking questions based on your book.
1.  If you were a number which would you be?  Why?
2.  How woud you try get to the top of the apple tree?

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