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Hello! Welcome to farming for education!  I am Courtney Cooley from Roberta, Georgia, a small town west of Macon.  I am currently enrolled in my first professional semester in the Early Childhood and Education department at Valdosta State University.  I expect to graduate in December of 2008. 

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My favorite pastime is spending time with my family.  We live on a poultry farm.  We also raise cattle and harvest hay.  I love all animals, especially my Springer Spaniel, Maddie; my horse, Lady; and my first colt, Bella.  My nephew Judd especially loves the baby horse Bella.  I enjoy working with small children.  I teach primary Sunday school at Roberta Evangelistic Church, where I have been a member since 1986.  I have also worked as a counselor for our church's annual summer camp. 

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My favorite place to visit is New York City, New York.  I was able to attend the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade two years ago which was the experience of a lifetime!  One of the many wonderful sites I was able to see was the Empire State Building.  It was magnificent!  Another highlight was being on the CBS Early Show.  I met Harry Smith and the Early Show crew!  Returning to New York City is something that I would love to do again someday soon!


There are many agricultural websites for kids.  One I found very useful is Farm Life/Farm Animals.  This site provides lesson plans and other resources for the teacher.  It also includes fun activities for the students and shows the process of agriculture and its many purposes.  Another helpful website is FSA Kids.  Here you will find many different activities for educating children in agriculture as well as links to other websites.


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